Dina Vos



The Unravelled Landscape

Dina Vos (Almkerk 1958) is a landscape painter, but her ‘landscapes’ don’t fall in with what the liberal Dutch painting scene has so far achieved .
This Rotterdam artist offers a different perspective on landscapes, often using textiles in the creation of her paintings. She untangles these textiles, takes them apart, looking at every aspect and quality separately and in the end paints an atmosphere, which couldn’t be achieved without her uniquely fertile imagination.
The tranquillity of the landscape, the park that has been cultivated by people, a place where it’s best to spend time alone, to deepen awareness and become one with the landscape.
A small piece of grass which becomes so special when the sun shines on it, the exact place where you will have the picnic, the one you have imagined in your mind, the place where you want to be to find the inspiration for your paintings, to recharge yourself as an artist. For Dina Vos it is the English landscape in which all this happens.




Dina travelled to South-England, Scotland and Ireland, combining study and travel, to research the cultivated and natural elements within the landscape. She studied in detail the similarities and the differences, taking pictures, making sketches and writing notes. She took photographs of the fragments of cultivation and human intervention, roads, bushes, lay-out of crops and divisions, such as walls and terraces.
She also showed those aspects which weren’t a part of human intervention. The array of colours, the mist which makes the English landscape change so abruptly, the sun that makes visible the beautiful and unpredictable detail in the formation of crops.
Once back home in Rotterdam the artist composes her paintings from her collection of impressions. The distance that she has from her subject, creates space for fantasy to be added. In the end, the landscape is the starting point, but not the objective. What matters most to the artist is the art of painting itself, either with paint or with textile.